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“Inner melodies flow out and turn our lives into pleasant music, only when we open up our hearts.”

A stage play based on a true story in England

Internation tour 17performances full houses


Total attendance: 7500

Interviewed by major TV stations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.




Music Box the stage play is a beautifully constructed stage play, bringing to surface the deepest mentalities and sentiments of its characters, at the same time filling the air with a poetic sense of elegance and love. Music Box is jointly produced by Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia and Symphony Musical House, organized by the Malaysia Naturopathic Association (MNA).

Directed by Brian Choot, Music Box is an emotional drama set in modern times that is filled with twists and turns. Inspired by a true story in 18th century England, which recounts a teenage girl’s experience with romance, friendship, and family, Music Box also incorporates Jessie Chung’s life journey and elements drawn from three of her relationships. Music Box is a gripping story that will strike and sensitize the audience’s soul, allowing them to appreciate the unpredictability of affection through the laughter and tears of the plotline.

Jessie Chung, who portrayed the female protagonist Sandy Qin, poured all her emotions into each scene, including kissing and action scenes. Even after the curtain call, Jessie still had a hard time coming out of her character as many aspects of the play were performed realistically, including the kisses, action and tears!

Jessie Chung portrays the main female character Sandy Qin, who is a daughter, sister, friend, lover, and singer in the play. The cast put on a dynamic performance, pulling off full-on kissing scenes and full-contact fight scenes. A great deal of scenes required Jessie to flip between a spectrum of emotions within a short timespan, displaying joy, anger, astonishment, confusion, madness, sadness and grief, putting her acting skills to the test.

The cast of “Music Box” consists of 14 actors and actresses, including Marcus Choot and Tylor Chen, who also starred as male leads in the stage play “Moonlight.” They, along with Jessie Chung, interact on stage seamlessly. Jeffrey Beh, another male lead who starred as the protagonist in the music video of “Last Teardrop,” adds to the play another dimension of excitement.

This is a play that you’ll want to see again and again as it is just filled with positivity. Besides touching the hearts of the audience, it also allows them to see life from various points of views. At any given moment, each and every character is filled with emotions, immersing those who are watching right within in the plot. The quote, “Remember to open up your heart and let your inner melody flow out,” continues to echo in the minds of the audience after the play ends.

To give the audience an immersive visual experience, the director employed a few avant-garde techniques, including using an LED backdrop and a magnificent soundtrack to accentuate the mood of each scene. His hope is that the audience will be able to enjoy the stage play as if it were a movie, and that the play would achieve the pinnacle of next-gen theatrical arts.

Although the play lasts for three hours, many of the audience stated that time flew by with the tight storyline. At the end of the play, many of them felt the true meaning of love through laughter and tears as the storyline stirred their hearts and resonated with them. What’s memorable was the prolonged applause given to the cast at curtain call.

The stage play “Music Box” is an event that fundraises for cancer patients; Jessie Chung and the rest of the cast and crew all perform free of charge for the cause of philanthropy. The organizer also held a fundraiser to sell various “Music Box”-related products, including elegant music boxes, T-shirts, souvenirs, etc. All proceeds and donations go to cancer charity.

Representing Malaysia in Indonesia


Number of performances

Symphony Theatre :

Dec 15th, 2017, Dec 19th, 2017, Dec 21th, 2017,
Dec 23th, 2017,
Dec 30th, 2017, Jan 6th, 2018, Jan 13th, 2018, Feb 3rd, 2018

Paragon International School Auditorium, JB: Jan 20th, 2018

Penang Performing Arts Centre: Jan 27th, 2018

Auditorium of Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia: Mar 7th, 2018

Clapper studio, Taiwan: Mar 31th, 2018

KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC): Jan 16th, 2018

Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC): Mar 3rd, 2018

Kenyalang, Kuching: Mar 17th, 2018, Mar 20th, 2018

JKKN KK, Sabah: Apr 14th, 2018

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