About Us

Symphony Musical House Sdn. Bhd. was formally established in 2006, with its main business including stage plays, concerts, films, and record producer. Since 2013, the Symphony Theatre has been established, promoting the culture and arts of various ethnic groups through stage plays.

Artists under Symphony Theatre include well-known artists like Jessie Chung, American musician and actor John Zoe Lee, American director and actor Paul Vision Lee, Terry Lim, Isaac Cheah, Timothy Chuah, Dennis Cheah, Justin Leong, Marcus Choot, Tylor Chen, Jeffrey Beh, Natalie Chan, Joel Lai, Lily Lim, Caleb Cheah, Sophia Kuah, Robin Chong and etc.

The Symphony Theatre was founded by director Brian Choot. In 2020, it collaborated with ETS University in the United States to provide drama students in Malaysia the opportunity to participate in practical drama classes and to discover local talents with performing skills. As a result, more talented artists were discovered, and the group has now grown to include around sixty professional and contract actors.

The Symphony Theatre actively collaborates with the Malaysian Naturopathic Association (MNA) to raise funds for cancer patients, benefiting society.

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Our Production












The Symphony Theatre produces dramas that combine advanced 3D film and television technology with high-definition LED backgrounds and high-quality sound systems, providing audiences with a unique theatrical experience.

According to audience reviews, they are able to immerse themselves more in the plot of the play and have thus fallen in love with theater. Due to its high acceptance by the public, the drama “Music Box” successfully went overseas under the direction of Director Deqing and was subsequently performed in Taipei, Taiwan, and Padang, Indonesia.

According to Irwan Prayitno, Governor of West Sumatra, Indonesia, the drama “Music Box” performed exceptionally well in Malaysia and was favored by the Malaysian government. As a representative work of Malaysian drama, “Music Box” was exchanged through the Malaysia-Indonesia Business and Cultural Exchange Center (MBCC) and the Indonesian Ministry of Culture.

The drama “Music Box” was performed at the Grand Theater of Padang State University in Badoeng, Indonesia. Official guests included Irwan Praytino, Governor of West Sumatra, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism, mayors of various districts and cities in West Sumatra, university presidents, and vice presidents, and all faculty and students. An estimated 2,000 people attended this large-scale theatrical performance.

The drama “Dream of the Red Chamber”, performed in 2020 during the severe pandemic period, still received high praise from a wide audience and was successfully performed for 13 shows. It took five years to prepare for “Dream of the Red Chamber”, and a lot of manpower was used to cooperate in its production, including hiring 3D technology designers to produce vivid 3D backgrounds for the drama. In terms of props, the director also specially commissioned experts to customize antique furniture. In terms of costumes, the director also made efforts, to purchase various contemporary costumes based on the advice of archaeologists, each set of which was of considerable value. In addition, elements of Chinese martial arts and Beijing opera were incorporated into the drama, allowing the audience to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture while immersing themselves in the plot.

Our Vision

With the changes of time and technology, Star Note Theater hopes that the new generation of theater can evolve in sync. In addition to featuring high-definition LED backgrounds, 3D technology, and high-quality sound systems, Star Note Theater also strives to create theme songs and background music for each play, and releases theater EPs to make the plays more enriching.

Our Goal

We hope to discover more Malaysian talents, promote Chinese culture, and raise the level of Malaysian theater through the production of the new generation of plays.

Our Team

Director: Brian Choot, Paul Vision Lee

Martial arts director: Joshua Beh

Screenplay: Stratford Tan

Music production: John Zoe Lee, Paul Vision Lee, Dennis Cheah

Art production: Emmerson Lim, Max Tiew

Costume and makeup: Priscilla Chan, Wendy Choot

Cast: Jessie Chung, Paul Vision Lee, John Zoe Lee, Terry Lim, Jeffrey Beh, Isaac Cheah, Justin Leong, Timothy Chuah, Marcus Choot, Tylor Chen, Jennifer Chung, Jessica Chung, Natalie Chana, Joel Lai, Lily Lim, Caleb Cheah, Robin Chong, Jonathan Chong, Beryl Ong, Sophia Koay, Philip Si, Dennis Cheah, Renee Lai, Malcom Lim, Melvin Lim, Emmerson Lim, Jackson Chen, Benjamin Ong, Anthony Ng, Joshen Ng, Jordan Choo, Pearl Tan, Peggy Tan, Prisca Kuah and more.