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Symphony Theatre proudly presents

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Red Dream Mansion Stage Play 2020

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch

• This marks the first public performance of the stage play “The Dream of Red  Mansions” in Malaysia.

• Accompanied by realistic sound effects and professional background music.

• Stage design incorporates exquisite ancient Chinese elements and props.

• American musician brought on board to compose the theme song and soundtrack.

• Show your love through fundraising for cancer patients.

• “The Dream of Red Mansions” is based on the original historical novel

• Actors wear elegant, refined, majestic and authentic period costumes

• Stage backdrops created through the latest 3D technology for stunning, lifelike environments

• International artist Jessie Chung takes the stage with more than 20 experienced actors

• Portraying Jia Baoyu in the stage play “The Dream of Red Mansions” is Terry Lim, who was chosen out of over a hundred candidates.

unforgettable, passionate, and heart-rending love story


Highly recommended overwhelming response

Symphony Theatre proudly presents the stage play “The Dream of Red Mansions”, an adaptation of the most celebrated classical Chinese novel!

“The Dream of Red Mansions”, an early, lengthy masterpiece, is about to be performed in Malaysia for the first time in drama form. With the play based on the original historical novel of the same name, Symphony Theatre is bound to portray for you an unforgettable, passionate, and heart-rending love story.

This time, Symphony Theatre invited Jessie Chung to take the stage as lead actress, portraying the pure and unadulterated Lin Daiyu. The lead actor, Terry Lim, was chosen out of a ton of applicants from around the world. Joining the ranks is lead actor of “Meant to Be”, the romantic, princelike American director Paul Lee and lead actor of “Music Box”, the charismatic heartthrob Jeffrey Beh!

Jessie Chung has performed in stage plays including “The Quatrain of Seven Steps”, “Moonlight”, “Music Box”, “Meant to Be” and more. Her superb acting skills caught the attention of the media and audience alike. She is known for her sold-out performances that are popular with and praised by theatregoers. Paul Lee, who was raised between the U.S. and Taiwan grew to be a character actor and has learned the craft of cinematography and directing under a few renowned in instructors in the U.S. Jeffrey Beh, who has starred in the stage plays “Music Box” and “Meant to Be”, has also starred in several films, short films and music videos that are well-received. Jeffrey Beh is also a director, and he will be directing alongside Paul Lee in an upcoming masterpiece of his, the stage play “Tearless Sky”. Jeffrey Beh, Paul Lee, and Terry Lim all majored in performing arts and music.

Actors 红楼梦话剧

Though aloof from the world,

she is no match for the hearts of darkness

Embittered by the world,

she perfects love through a life of tears

One of the Four Great Classical Novels, “The Dream of Red Mansions” depicts various aspects of life and is a comprehensive, literary work that embodies the culture and wisdom of the Chinese. It will transport the audience into the world of the original novel so they can feel its profound literary treasures, enjoy its aesthetical presentation, and experience intensely the artistic charms of this classical masterpiece.It is worth mentioning that many people believe for Lin Daiyu of “The Dream of Red Mansions” to be the epitome of frailty. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Lin Daiyu was a brave and intelligent woman who dared—more than any woman in “The Dream of Red Mansions”—to challenge the worldliness around her.

Many liken Lin Daiyu to a lotus, because the flower is known to grow out of the mud unsoiled. The pure and unforgettable love between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu is the most poignant and moving story in “The Dream of Red Mansions”. Through “The Dream of Red Mansions” the stage play, we hope to give the audience a deeper understanding of the love between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu, a faithful love that’s unaffected by worldliness, that keeps its purity even in a filthy generation.

Number of performances

Symphony Theatre

24/7, 25/7, 26/7, 31/7, 1/8, 2/8(full house)
7/8, 8/8, 9/8 (Further added shows)
15/8, 16/8, 22/8, 23/8 (Further added shows)

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