Jessie Chung

锺洁希 Jessie Chung

In 2012, Jessie Chung entered the international entertainment arena. She is an international singer and actress who is active in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. She is a multi-talented oncologist and a naturopath who earned her degree in the U.S.


• Starred in Faces, Unchanging Love and Kungfu Taboo

Solo concerts

• Performed a solo concert at the Megastar Arena in 2015, the Love Unity Concert, to a crowd of 2000.

• Performed 10 shows for the Exquisite Chinese Orchestra Concert in 2016.

• Performed 10 Listen to Love concerts in 2023.

11 albums released

《充满爱的心 A Loving Heart》、《有了决定 The Decision 》、《I Just Fall in Love Again》、
《明月千里寄相思 Message of Love From the Moon 》、
《爱你 Love You》、《爱在转瞬间 Love in You》、
《没有泪的天空 Tearless Sky》、《 There You Are》、
《Be Strong》、
《心念 Hearts Apart 》、《迂回 Winding 》

Stage plays starred in

2016 stage play Moonlight, 10 shows
2017stage play Music Box, 17 shows (Toured in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia)
2020 stage play Meant to Be, 8 shows
2020 stage play The Dream of Red Mansions, 13 shows
2020 stage play Tearless Sky, 8 shows
2020年 stage play Afterglow, 4 shows

Jessie Chung's achievements in music

2017-2018《Be Strong》Album

• Five-time champion on Taiwan’s i Radio’s International Chart
• Certified platinum
• Ascended to No. 1 on Taiwan’s most authoritative chart, Five Music’s International Chart
• Single ascended to No. 3 on UFO Radio’s International Top Singles Chart in Taiwan
• Named Top 40 English single in Taiwan by #RedMusic: Best Charts

2017-2018《There You Are》Album

• Certified platinum
• Spent eight weeks on Taiwan’s Five Music International Chart
• Received an Outstanding Achievement Award
• Charted at No. 2 on the Five Music’s International Chart upon release in Taiwan
• Charted at No. 2 on i Radio’s International Chart upon release in Taiwan

2011-2012 《爱在转瞬间 Love in You》Album

• Reigned at No. 1 on Ai FM’s music chart for four weeks
• 2012 Entered the Top Ten of Taiwan’s Channel V’s music chart
• Entered Five Music’s Top Twenty Albums list in Taiwan
• FOX Entertainment’s top-rated song in December 2012
• The Last Utopia” stayed at Top Twenty for six consecutive weeks on Taiwan’s Channel V’s music chart
• The Last Utopia” became the most popular song at Party World KTV in Singapore

Paul Lee

李安田 Paul Lee

American director and actor who starred in
many Symphony Theatre productions; lead
actor of the stage plays Meant to Be, The
Dream of Red Mansions and Afterglow.

Asset 3(2)

谢哲信 Isaac Cheah

Starred in the music video of Tearless Sky
and performed in stage plays Music Box
and The Dream of Red Mansions.

Terry Lim

林霆坚 Terry Lim

Starred in Tearless Sky and portrayed Jia
Baoyu in The Dream of Red Mansions.


出德文 Marcus Choot

Starred in the stage plays The Quatrain of
Seven Steps, Moonlight, Music Box and

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